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ילדים ומבוגרים

החלה ההרשמה לחוגים לשנת הלימודים 23-24

The Bloc operates 3 unique gyms in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Our success comes not from what we do, but why we do it. 

We’re all psyched about climbing and we feel it does good to climb!

From owners to instructors, route setters to counter operators, we practice what we sell !

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, and climb the climb :)

We are not just gyms. We are a community.
Whether you are starting on the path of climbing, a hardcore V10 climber, or just someone looking for a great place to work out, you’ll find your place with us at the Bloc.


להרשמה לחוגי טיפוס בתל אביב 

להרשמה לחוגי טיפוס בירושלים 

  • What ages is it suitable for?
    The groups are divided by age: A - for ages 4-7 B – for ages 8-11 C - for ages 11-12 Adults - for ages 13-16 Each group has between 4 and 6 participants. There are groups for Hebrew or English speakers. No prior knowledge of climbing is required.
  • Who guides the class?
    Qualified guides , we take the best for our training team!
  • When does the class take place?
    The class takes place once a week on a fixed day and time.
  • How much does the class cost?
    Class without subscription - NIS 310 per month. Class with a monthly subscription (free entry to the bloc all days of the week) - NIS 400 per month. Payment is made through standing orders once a month.
  • Sounds great! How to Register?
    You can fill out the form< /u> in the link and sign up for the waiting list for the class, or contact the bloc on WhatsApp 055-318 -4683
  • How do I know that a group is opening?
    As mentioned, the minimum number of participants in the group is 4. We are really tailoring a personal suit for you, if you have joined the waiting list, the bloc will contact you when there are enough registrants to open a group in the category in which you registered (junior, elementary, adults). The day, time, and instructor will also be determined in this class.
  • Is there also a class for adults?
    There is a possibility to open a group of adults, given a minimum of 4 registrants. For more details, you can contact the bloc (see contact details below).
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    If the class is canceled by the bloc, no payment will be required for this class. If the class participant did not attend for any reason, no credit will be given for this class.
  • Is certain equipment needed?
    No special equipment is needed! Class participants receive climbing shoes to use during the class at no additional charge. Beyond that, every arrival to the bloc is obliged to rent climbing shoes (or arrival with personal climbing shoes).
  • When are the classes held?
    Starting from October (after the holidays) until the end of the school year in June. Exact dates of the opening of the year and class times will be given to registrants and those interested
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